"Your Designs have done wonders to the look and feel of all our offices that you have done for us at Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi. Hope you keep continuing the innovative and fresh look and feel effect always. Wishing You the very best."

Ashwin Govindan
(Head Administration of Future Capital Holdings)

"Nipul has a great eye 👁 for detail and creates a simple yet luxury space that gives you a reason to return back home everyday. His concepts and ideas 💡 are space saving and gives a wider visibility to the space given the Mumbai’s standard layouts. His relationship with his clients are friendly and genuine and keep the comfort and practicality before the design. His firm eye interiors actually gives the 360 degree soothing and calm look to your personal space."

Shiv Gupta
Vice President & NR Centre Head HSBC

"Niipul Panchaal style and approach are responsive : he listens thoroughly , asks questions and genuinely tries to understand the client's dream before designing rather than creating his own dreams and 'selling' them ! Worth your trial !"

Mr. Bram Stellar
(EX EVP of Jet Airways current C.O.O for Kenya Airways)

"It was a pleasure to have worked with Niipul Panchaal when we relocated to Mumbai from New York. He has a western esthetic and listened to what details we felt were important in designing our home. Moreover, he was actually able to work with his team and deliver the finished apartment on schedule. He had a full understanding of materials and knew what would and wouldn't work within our space. As a result, our apartment felt like a real retreat and a true home whilst we lived there."

Kevin Bowdler and Family
(Ex CEO of JP Morgan)

"Working with Niipul Panchaal has been a distinct pleasure. He brings not only competence and resources to the job, but also a very good sense of style. He is both professional and personable; you will get the project done and enjoy the process."

Brooks Enwistle and Family
(CEO of Goldman Sachs)

"Niipul Panchaal is a thorough professional with a good sense of design and technical, and brings a solution oriented approach. His attention to detail and a desire to deliver quality stands out."

Vijay Singh
(CEO of FoxStar Studios Ltd)

"NIipul Panchaal has fantastic design skills. Keeping this in mind, Nipul Panchal has designed an office for us which meets our day to day requirements and is aesthetically extremely appealing to our customers."

Lata Patel
(CEO, IOS Relocations International)

"Niipul Panchaal is a through professional and a very easy going person. He can charm you with his designs and work. His dedication towards design and detailed execution towards quality is just so precise. He is perfectionist and more over delivers the work on time."

Kevin Rastegar
(Ex CEO Boeing)

"With modest approach he does miraculous work. His are the designs for interiors that inspire with their sensual response to beauty, illustrating that very classy instinct for architectural and decorative harmony, and balance of colour and design. Niipul's final work speaks about the people who live in their homes. We were very much pleased to get our home designed by him."

Peter Costello
(Ex COO Enron India)

"In fact I had such a wonderful experience working with Eye Interiors when you guys did fantastic job for ABB's Central Regional Office at Raipur. I always admire your straight & simple approach with excellent creativity while designing. I am sure "Eye Interiors" will attain greater heights with Niipul's and Deepesh untiring efforts. I wish Niipul and his team a great success ....keep up the excellent work you guys are doing."

Rakesh Tiwari
(CEO of Sterling Synergy)

"We found Eye Interiors to be Dedicated Professionals who stood by us the entire course of the Project. We would recommend them always to other corporate."

Cyrus Dolasha
(GCS Automation Pvt. Ltd.)